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In this post I will describe how I created Magento Extension IL Captcha that provides Captcha field on Magento Contact form.

Screenshot Contact Form

You can get it for your store through Magento Connect by clicking here.

At my company we are running Magento store where we sell lighting equipment, LED lighting, electrical equipment, small gadgets and some other things. You can check it out at, but it is intended for Croatian market only. At one time we started to receive spam through Contact form.

Magento stores have standardized contact form, so all stores have the same contact form at the same address. That makes it easy for spammers to invade your contact form and send you their rubbish. Constantly. That can be pretty annoying and first line of defense is to add Captcha field to your form, and turn those spammers away.

Magento is very powerful system, with many features, but it doesn’t have built-in Captcha for Contact Form. There are some extensions on Magento Connect marketplace that provide such feature, but they are too big, have too many features that I didn’t need at that moment. I just wanted put Captcha on Magento Contact Form.

Luckily for me Magento 1.7 finally introduced Captcha, but they didn’t enable it for the Contact form, so I was again without a solution. Then I used this built-in Captcha, modify it, and added Contact form to the list of available forms, so the Magento store administrator could add it among other forms. I packed my modifications into extension, and IL Captcha was born.

Screenshot Contact Form

It is installed through Magento Connect Manager, and doesn’t bloat System Configuration panel. It nicely integrates with Magento built-in Captcha, so it is easy to use.

It nicely integrates with Magento 1.7+ built-in CAPTCHA, so you don't even know it is an extension.

Screenshot Configuration

IL Captcha logo

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