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Ever get tired of boring loading times when updating Magento Products Catalog.

Magento is powerful. Magento is big. Magento is slow.

Help yourself. Use SpeedAdmin for Magento.

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SpeedAdmin is simple tool that helps Magento webshop administrators to make changes to products and quickly change prices. It is faster than regular Magento web administration because it saves product changes in background, so you can work on another product. 

SpeedAdmin doesn't intend to be full Magento Admin replacement, it will serve as an Add-on that you can quickly run, and make changes to your products.

SpeedAdmin Categories

Browse through products and categories

SpeedAdmin Product attributes

Edit product attributes

SpeedAdmin background process

Products are saved and loaded in the background
You can continue to work on another product

Other feauters

  • Browse and upload images.
  • Change prices for multiple products.


SpeedAdmin - Magento version 0.4 - download and try it on our test webshop
 username: demosoap    password: su8UpHAj


Notes about version 0.5: 
- Added About box
- Added log 

Notes about version 0.4: 
- Added Attribute Sets - saving of products is now available
- added progress indicator for fetching product info
- fixed bugs 

Notes about version 0.3: 
It still isn't finished as it is in development. It is demonstration version, that serves as a proof of concept. 


Java JRE 7u5 + JavaFX 2.1  Setup link

SpeedAdmin - Magento is JavaFX 2.1 based application.

Installation and usage instructions

  1. Install Java JRE 7u5 link
  2. Download and install SpeedAdmin
  3. Open SpeedAdmin and press 'Connect' button
  4. Enter username: demosoap    password: su8UpHAj
  5. Wait for categories to load...
  6. Load products from categories with ENTER key
  7. Browse through categories and make changes to product's price, description, name
  8. Observe your changes at online store

Do you want to use it on your webshop? Give us feedback 

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